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Travis has liked cameras and the Green Bay Packers from a young age. When playing in the NFL didn't happen, he ventured off  into the film industry. He discovered a passion for filming weddings while filming his cousins weddings in 2011. From then until now, Travis has shot over 150 weddings traveling all over the midwest, including a trip to New Orleans in 2013. 

Outside of work, Travis enjoys any activity that involves competition. Mario Kart and Spoons are two of his favorites. He also enjoys spending time with his wife, drinking wine and cooking. Together they own a Siberian Husky named Blazer, who spends more time looking for his next escape than acknowledging human love. Travis's true love, however, is the mountains. He has spent numerous weeks camping and hiking in the Rocky Mountains, specifically Glacier National Park. He hopes to one day travel the world with his cameras and capture the beauty that God has created.