Year End Review - 2017

If I could pick one word to describe 2017, it would be growth. Not only did we grow the in size of our team,  but we also grew into a more mature team.

We learned a lot this year. We learned not to use those USB hubs (you know, the ones where you plug it into 1 USB port and get 4). We learned that you can't always trust a DJ's setup to get proper audio recording (Sorry DJ's). We learned that it is easier to get a hotel room in Traverse City rather than driving there and back in one day while squeezing in a 10 hour shoot. We learned to always be prepared for a rainy wedding day. We came to be very comfortable with wedding timelines not panning out, and still making it a great day. We learned a lot more annoying techy glitches and how to work through them. Won't bore you with the details. 

It has been very humbling and very rewarding watching this growth happen. As the owner of the company, I have had to put my pride down and stand up for my team when crazy things come up. In the world of technology, a lot of things can happen completely out of your control. The team has been great about rallying together and trying to do everything possible to always come up with a great product, regardless of unfortunate circumstances. Like the time I threw my back out the day before a wedding in July and couldn't walk. I called up Cassidy, who had just joined the team, and asked if she was willing to go cover my wedding the next day. She was suppose to have the day off, but dropped everything she was doing and totally nailed the wedding for me. I am so thankful that I get to lead a team that takes pride in their work and is always looking for ways to better themselves. 

2017 has left us with lessons learned and a lot to reflect on. As we move forward into the New Year, White Owl is excited at the opportunity to take what we've learned and apply it to the work we are doing. We are excited to come up with fresh project ideas and new creative content with a growing team. Here's to 2018!


- Travis